UNpacking For The Rugby World Cup Semi Finals ?

UNpacking For The Rugby World Cup Semi Finals ?

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– Hi, I’m Clare and I’m
going to the Rugby World Cup. And yeah, I would hate me too. (giggles) So it’s my delayed honeymoon. I actually got married over
a year ago, at this point. But it’s something that we’ve booked like a year and a half ago
before we got married and I’ve been pinging it over ever since. So we’re going over to the Rugby World Cup with Rugby Travel Ireland, Rugby Tours Ireland? – [Alex] Rugby Travel Ireland. – Is it Rugby Travel Ireland?
– [Alex] Yeah. – I think it’s Rugby Tours Ireland! – [Alex] I’m pretty sure it’s “travel”. – Okay, Rugby Travel Ireland. Can you zip it now?
– [Alex] Yeah. We’re going to Japan to the World Cup with Rugby Travel Ireland. It’s definitely not Rugby
Travel Ireland (laughter). It’s Rugby Travel Ireland,
he’s right (clatter). – [Alex] Course I am.
(laughter) We are going over to Japan
with Rugby Travel Ireland. We are going to see the
two semi-finals, the final, and the third-fourth place playoff. I want to show you
really quickly the stuff that Rugby Travel Ireland sent us, they sent us like a care package before we head off to Japan, and it’s making me so excited! So first of all, something I bought which is obviously the jersey. This was sold out everywhere in Dublin. Eventually Alex found me
one online on a website. Do you remember what website it was? – [Alex] Rugby Travel Ireland, darling. – No, what website you
found the jersey on? – Found me some website online
that had one in my size left. (crinkling drowns out speaker). – Can you stop interrupting
me or I’ll never finish! – [Alex] Sorry princess, I love you! – Tired and I’m sensitive (laughs). (laughs) This the pack that Rugby
Travel Ireland sent us, it included a hat. I don’t think I pull them off very well, but I love wearing them. Yeah Cantebury like zip top thing. A lanyard and our thing
for being on the tour. A luggage tag. And the official Ireland
backpack, which is pretty sick, because I was planning on buying it, now I don’t have to buy it. That’s a quick unboxing of
like, the stuff they sent us, obviously our tickets as well. Yeah, super excited to go! (clap) Can’t wait. On top of that, then I like
picked up some Irish stuff here and there. I tried to get the Specialbuys in Aldi, but they were sold out
by the time I got there. Except for one thing in my
local Aldi wasn’t sold out, and that was the hoodie I
wanted in Alex’s size, so. I got that for him, so (smooch). Yeah, best wife ever. Going into this honeymoon strong.

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  1. Enjoy the honeymoon and I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see how the Japanese folks act to an Irish invasion in Japan.  Have fun but mind your P's n Q's the Japanese are serious as a heart attack when it come's to there laws even with foreign visitors so be safe.

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