Unplayable Deliveries of WC 2019 || Best Bowling

Unplayable Deliveries of WC 2019 || Best Bowling

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hello friends as cricket active Perham
the King Ghidorah their own escape which unplayable deliveries that’s the band we were talking about
what a start for us straight out spot on me to stock this is what he does
probably better than anybody else in the world gasps special
crashes into middle stuff like stuff it’s coming that way from an outstanding
in swinging Yorker that is brilliant bowling it’s what he
does isn’t it amazing and that’s a word compacted the second Indian border to do
it remember cheaper – am i late 1987 and
not born vs. New Zealand and he has more Mohammed today follow them giving himself some room
Fantastic Four delivery picked up the seven South African we’ll
get look at the face thanks to two miles per hour hundreds party cannot reduce
always balding brilliant start from Baron Dolph their swing there it’s gone
through Vince’s defenses water start for Australia and the victory bowling tickets for the tail with it some good solid def bully finishes the
three for 72 that’s a terrific delivery base of the
stunts that’s how to borrow your cap beautifully gold actually with Stokes
moving across his crease and trying to flick through the leg side now that was
right on the base of the leg stump harshly bonds we want to see those
Yorkers and there’s something that he’s always been able to achieve is the
execution at the dip all the lingo make much difference in kick deacons
massive Elango discovered himself Subaru and Lockheed Ferguson picks up his third
and ends what is a very good bowling performance from this New Zealand side

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