Unstoppable 9-Yr-Old Tennis Prodigy!

Unstoppable 9-Yr-Old Tennis Prodigy!

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100 thoughts on “Unstoppable 9-Yr-Old Tennis Prodigy!”

  1. one thing they fail to mention is how much this family has paid Macci over time, up to this age, of course Macci will say all those great things about her, in essence he has been paid to do so, plus this also works as advertising for his academy in Boca. check his rates, about $300 per hour. if someone paid you $300 per hour would you say great things. I live in Fla and gotta tell you i have seen many young female tennis players that are way younger and much better then this girl.

  2. Kids who have pushy parents like that end up secretly hating them, even if they love what they do. It's not necessary to be so stern when your child is gifted and loves the sport.

  3. That's bullshit! Surely being filmed at a tournament will put off your opponents? Tennis is a psychological sport. Unfair in my eyes…

  4. She's got so much talent. And I want to watch her when she's famous.

    But the first thing they need to do is train that so many female tennis players are trained to do to distract their opponents (Sharapova, Azarenka… I'm looking at you).

    Teach her to be more sportsmanlike than her "idols".

  5. This seems really wrong, first off its unfair, this girl is gonna end up like Agassi ( although hes my favorite player of all time ) but its the same M.O. – raised at a VERY young age to play tennis, playing opponents much older and bigger, pushed by father to play – She's gonna end up hating the sport because she doesn't even look like shes having any fun!

  6. Obviously she's only 9 and hasn't gone through puberty yet. Little troll is little and such comments aren't funny. Girls can do as many amazing things as boys can and calling her a boy just because she's undeveloped — AT NINE — and athletic is insulting.
    Grow up.

  7. I have know gabby for a long time , she is really nice and plays great tennis for a soon to be 10 year old . Her parents are super nice and mark helps gabby along the way.

  8. hopefully she wont turn out like michelle wie, extraordinary amount of talent, but has been pushed by her parents so much, she never reaches her potential

  9. I will say this, she is 9 years old, underdeveloped…and would kick my ass in tennis and a lot of adults. I'm humble enough to acknowledge this amazement. My ego is shrinking.

  10. I think that you need to grow up and learn to interpret what the person meant. I shouldn't need to even explain it, you should be able to see it at 0:04 straight away, unless you're mentally retarded. I assume you may be.

  11. Doesn't appear to be a troll. He was referring to the bulge caused by the ball she was keeping in her pants. Simmer down a little.

  12. The dad should take a page out of the Williams' book; sure the family is weird, but they raised great champions…

  13. The father is not harsh. I went through a similar experience growing up and playing tennis. He is pushing her and very few people understand what it actually takes to compete in the top 100 regionally, let alone nationally. I hope she keeps her drive. She might need a few months off here and there. Wait till she plays against top juniors globally, that's a whole different ball game.

  14. It's a tennis ball. We tennis players hold the balls either in our pockets or shorts to hold it when we play instead of having to constantly pick up a ball.

  15. nope. if your child has a gift it's necessary to push them to their full potential and they need the support to get there. simply relying on their gift is equivalent to relying on genetics. discipline and hard work make champions.

  16. nope. if your child has a gift it's necessary to push them to their full potential and they need the support to get there. simply relying on their gift is equivalent to relying on genetics. discipline and hard work make champions.

  17. Why is he criticizing her? In that age u should give her support not pointing out the failures. You can just learn by doin mistakes.

  18. I agree 100%. We push our kids in schools to over achieve. Why not in athletics. As parents, more than anyone else, we want whats best for our kids. It's ok to want it for them. In order to reach her full potential she must be pushed because she doesnt know how to properly push herself to be the best she can be. Push her until she is able to understand the importance and learn to push herself. Then later, if she doesn't want it, its her decision.

  19. 9 years old, and she knows her height and WEIGHT?

    Why does a girl so young know her weight. She should absolutely have no concern for that, that young.

  20. most mature 5 year old ive seen in my life. similar to my over achieving sister. great attitude= success

  21. yes you have to push the child, if you dont push the child it shows her that the parents dont care about her interest, but there is a limit. you still have to show the child unconditional love, even if she loses you have to be loving to her. both pushing to hard which shows conditional love and not pushing at all is bad, so they have to find the right balance

  22. there you have it ,i see most of you want her pampered and not pushed this is why most people are not great at any thing .The dad was great michael jackson was pushed williams sisters were pushed all great human beings at what they did or does ,only a loser won't want the dad to say anything

  23. her dad was tennis player. its pretty obvious that he was the one who got her started on this. i don't think shes a prodigy. just a good player who's been pushed by her father

  24. She could hit 14 years old and tell dad to forget it. That is why I hate the promotion of Prodigies. Even Rick says they won't know how it turns out for 7 to 8 years, Parents first need to be parents, leave coaches to coach. Encourage, support and love. Kids who truly want to be great will push themselves, they don't need parents doing it for them. Parents who push will find the child will push back at 14, 17 or 20. Read Andre Agassi's book,a look inside a tennis parent/child relationships.

  25. I hope Gabby's parents don't neglect to teach her about humility. Did you catch what Gabby said about her father's strictness? She said, "Sometimes he's strict because he wants the best for me, he said." (At 6:30.) I wonder what SHE thinks.

  26. When Rick said she should be mad after losing a point, that kinda made me second guess his coaching. You should never show your anger, it makes winning so much easier for the opponent

  27. What a fantastic player! Some simple breathing techniques however, would get rid of the ridiculous screaming and grunting that she has already, seen mostly in female players. Dad and Mom are a tennis version of Teresa and Juicy Joe Guidice! Good luck to this little girl, we may see her on the ATP 8-10 years from now.

  28. He is criticizing her because in the end he knows it will make her better. You can't just say "YOU'RE DOING GREAT!" even when you lose a point unless she almost wins and tries her complete best. It's constructive criticism that makes you the best.

  29. Thats strange 7.07 the board is 5-4 for Prince ! Watch it you see when she hits the ball her side is 4 not 5

  30. There is a big difference between criticizing and giving constructive criticism.
    How do you expect to learn from your mistakes, if you can't find the mistakes yourself? That's why she must have somebody there to point out her mistakes. Especially at that age! And that's what training is: Learning from your mistakes!

  31. Yes give advise to the father of a successful child. You definitely know what you're talking about and he does not.

  32. I feel bad for her to be completely honest like yeah sure she looks like she is enjoying it but don't you think she should be having a childhood?

  33. Although i do agree with your comment, I think the dad has muscle memory in mind. If he pushes his child to correct her mistakes, her body will memorize the technique and maybe won't make the mistake next time.

  34. Or they can do both? i doubt he never gives her support. Kids that aspire to be great athletes cant just be supported they typically need to be coached at home and on the field. If you baby a child too much thats what they become, if you instill nothing but negative energy into a kid, thats what they become its balance game.

  35. how about teaching youngest player not to scream at each shots… Women tennis has become a very distracting and annoying game to watch.

  36. Roger Federer is greatest of all time… and he "sounds" once in a blue moon while serving…. Why don't people learn from him?

    This Monica Seles, Sharapova ruined the tennis… Irritating grunting.

  37. She's already developed a grunt for every time of shot….that's really irritating. And also, don't cheer on a player's unforced error

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