USA Eagles Q and A – Colin Hawley and Blaine Scully interview

USA Eagles Q and A – Colin Hawley and Blaine Scully interview

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Hi how are you, Colin Hawley, Blaine Scully
and thank you to the Ambassador for having us in this interview. Okay let’s talk. Have
you been to New Zealand before? I have been to New Zealand; this will actually be my 4th
time touring in New Zealand. First time was in 2008 with, actually with Blaine Scully
here. We were college students at Cal Berkeley and we played a couple teams, Massey University,
New Zealand University’s. Had a wonderful time there, for probably about 3 weeks. you
know, got some good rugby out of it. What are you looking forward to the most about
the rugby world cup? Just the opportunity to play on the biggest stage against the best
competition in the world. Life time opportunity and we look forward to taking every advantage
of the preparation time we are having in camp right now in order to put in our best performance
and just soak in all the things that go along with it being the world cups and the honor
of being selected for that. How do you get syked up for games? Syked up for games? Usually
you want to get ready on the bus ride before you get there. First, it’s all a pretty
personal experience on how you get syked up. Generally I listen to music for; to kind of
keep me on an even keel and make sure I have a kind of set routine of stretching and kind
of preparations. A checklist to make sure I’ve hit all the marks that I need to for
the game. Wings, catch high balls and stuff like that. So make sure those in before, so
you get all the wrinkles out. How do you explain rugby to your American football friends? That’s
kind of tough. First way you got to break it down is, it’s kind of a combination of
a lot of different things. It’s one of those sports were all skills are required of every
player. So you have like your basic so everybody catches, can catch, run, pass, and kick. And
that’s kind of the first thing you lay away. Then it’s kind of divided into 2 positions
types. You have a forward and you have a back. Forwards to most of the heavy lifting, and
back is most of the skill play. Linemen and receivers. If you’re going to equate it
to sort of moment in a football game, it would probably like at a kickoff return in the last
couple of minutes where most of the people are, the only option you have is the lateral
the ball, try to keep the ball alive. so that kind of general essence of keeping the ball
alive, passing backwards and running, is kind of a first way to give them a visual. You
know, just explain more when they learn more. How did you get into rugby in the first place?
I have been into rugby for a while. My old man played in the 60 at Cal Berkeley when
it was pretty popular, I think. In that time there was just a lot of kind of players that
played both football and rugby, you were able to do that, it wasn’t as sport specific
as it was now a days. So I grew up going to Cal rugby games, always watching Cal rugby
and grew around rugby guys, so I have been a part of the culture for a while. What message
do you have for the Kiwi’s about American rugby? What do you want to tell them about
rugby in the US? I say that we are growing, growing quickly. You know, we have a long
way to catch up and we respect that the way the Kiwis play and they run the game, they
are really innovators in the sport. Love watching and taking away different moments that they
have in whatever facet they are preforming in. we really look to challenge that game
and someday push the boarders ourselves the way they do. Beautiful. Now getting onto the
Russia game, how syked are you for the Russia game for the rugby world cup? Oh, absolutely
excited about it. That’s why my main man Scully there first cap, and we’ve played
the in the church hill cup when we were in England. That was my first time playing as
well, they had played the previously in the church hill cup. Both hotly contested games
throughout the entire time. The Russians are very determined team and, you know, there
is been that history element to it. You know, a little bit. Not saying that come to play
too much with us, but still the atmosphere around it is still there, like two big super
powers clashing. You know, there is just that history that adds to the intensity of the
game. So everyone really wants this game. It will be our second time, you know, going
after them. You know, we feel like we have better rugby play against them to be honest.
So, I mean we are looking for that W for sure. Same thing? Getting ready for the Russia game,
their sole purpose is to defeat the US? Yeah. Yeah. Well first and foremost, we have to
look at the first game we played, which was Ireland, and we were excited to compete in
that game. then moving to the Russia game, you know, if we perform the way did in England
for the church hill and we kind of grow in that experience, then use the 4 games we played,
4 or 5 games that we played since then and look after the ball and take care of the small
details, the game should take care of itself. So, excited for the challenge and just play

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