Vicious Rugby Hit

Vicious Rugby Hit

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unreasonable youtube worthy videos are
those that are hits however in america we have nuno football then and many
europeans honor videos like to call him then however within allstate that rugby is
caldwell so here’s a youtube that memory everywhere you here that i didn’t let it play drive the edit
it down of retirees and but he can’t bright up nothing happened yet because there was a study of the
helpful supply the n_f_l_ owners i guess and i spoke with paul on the states disease that is on the pads they may be
where headband and bandages to stop the bleeding from there alert elbow over there in the year some uh… saying this is a video just does
it really i could never played rugby stag night actually gets there at the
united remote area it does there anything i don’t think people quite nice
focal part b_ validator units are societies in quick in cali you’re still seeing a therapist taking
people out pretty much stresses indian concussions constant constant syndrome that there’s
a lot of issue today uh… in what i find interesting about
rodney is that the answer just as hard but a lot of time people
are being with their head because there’s nothing to protect their
homeland using a as it she’ll insist on taking somebody
up that you know if anything when you’re not playing with knows that
i can accept the pallets i mean people are more likely will
remain with their show and a to run more ida and hey that’s going to alternately
save more lives at that make sense if you’re in a lot of broken bones perhaps
but if there’s anything that going to come
out this summer it’s that his technique was very solid double play
absolutely and also the guy didn’t have like a broken hernia so okay the penalty for hitting in rugby the dangers play doesn’t just get a
fifteen-year penalty atlanta ten minutes in this in the middle east and often with its immediate removal
from the game into meant suspension because all tackles must be made by
wrapping ones arms around the opponent there’s none of the flying spirit that
goes on and football that’s a very good thing uh… so they can uh… it seems of
course ludicrous but uh… just for the sake of
conversation and stir the pot of controversy in
criticism of basically on the shouldn’t institute this in that the
n_f_l_ in high school football here in the states if there’s a lot introspective pa carter
how hard it what makes look also unique exhibit is because outside getting you
know some people comes back for a long time integrating maybe a little bit more
people i think that’s right across the other case it does the p_l_o_ is if they
see somebody asked for celestino initiative today they’re gonna be much
more concerned about the morals worries more people are talking bout action
causes type of case itself it you can cases it will say he has to
be wrapped up it certainly does it replaces that’s the strong you guys to just come out and run that
fast this won’t let me ask that both arms wrapped around and bread and salt
without a bitter well that’s not going to happen that’s
ruth one kacey honorable longer newly commented schools
on hamilton universal more also missed onto process who’ve got actually pummeled of st
paul’s collegiate school graded cathy randa

60 thoughts on “Vicious Rugby Hit”

  1. In rugby u don't just have to bring them down softly have u ever seen a dump tackle and the fact that u have to wrap ur arms round means that the tackler has to be more skilled rather than just head butting

  2. The only reason they get taken off in stretchers all the time is cause they are worth too much money. Even if they pull a muscle they need to be taken off because if they keep going and make it a bit worse that means this player the team payed a shitload of money for is going to be sitting out the next game. So stop trying to act like they leave on stretchers because it's such a brutal sport. They get taken off like that to save the teams investment.

  3. Lets put it this way, play the game or shut up!!! Your invalid points are so wrong. They still do spear tackles in rugby. Look at BOD, he got one, just to name one. So nothing you said made any sense!!!

  4. I'm Australian so yay rugby, it really is the best game of all – but huge difference is peripheral vision. The NFL helmet leads to a lot of blind sided tackles which are dangerous

  5. Let me say this! You do not know what you are talking about unless you regularly watch or play rugby. All these people saying NFL is better because they are bigger men, better hits and more commitment. That Is crap! I am 14 years old and live in Northern Ireland and yes I do play rugby. For my school side ballymena academy. We train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and have a match on Saturday! Two of them days we are in the gym as well as doing a pitch session! That is commitment. I have been concussed twice this season already! Had to stay I'm hospital overnight yet I wanted to play on so badly. I was out for 6 weeks and every training day we had I was doing fitness none stop. I also bit a hole in my tongue in training one day yet still played on! That is commitment and I am only 14!! I watched Ireland play New Zealand and Ireland's front row Rory Best broke his arm and still played on for a couple of minutes (in that time he helped retain ball possession) until they took him off! So all you guys saying that NFL is better then your point is invalid just as mine if I were to say NFL is better! They are both brilliant sports which creates brilliant atmosphere for the fans and they are both high intensity sports with tonnes of contact 😀 the beauty of sports!

  6. Have these two guys ever played either sport? Both of them seem to be preety pussified. Don't pass judgment on something you know nothing about,

  7. I HATE PEOPLE WHO COMPARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SPORTS… Honor them both equally and show respect the athletes in both sports. 

  8. nfl = a man's sport
    rugby= only dumbasses play it, especially those who think being tougher is better. No you are simply an idiot. 

  9. This shrimp bitch does not need to be calling the NFL a pussified sport.. guarantee lil bitch nigga here did not even play football in high school. look at him.. got "lil bitch" written all over his face.

  10. I don't get why there is an argument between which sport is "tougher".  They are different sports and are both incredibly dangerous.  The pads and helmets are meant to protect football players but can also be used as weapons (yes they made rules about leading with the helmet but it hasn't stopped the hits from happening).  At the same time however, to play a sport like rugby without the protection football players have seems idiotic to me.  Tough as nails sure, but damn stupid at the same time.  It also is foolish to argue on which sport has the better "athletes" because they call for different skills/abilities.  Does a rugby player have to read a defense, audible plays, and throw pinpoint spiral passes like a football QB does?  Or have incredible speed and hands to pull in those bullet precision passes?  Not really no.  Obviously endurance is more important in rugby because football players aren't constantly on the field and are allotted time to take breaks (whether from timeouts, breaks in play, commercials, or whether the defense/offense/special teams is on the field).  Just because football is geared to burst speeds followed by breaks and less towards endurance doesn't mean they aren't good athletes.  I mean look at how fast most of the NFL 300+ lb. linemen are.  It is crazy how quick the "fattest" players on the field are, not even to mention how strong those dudes are.  

  11. Its because we (Australia, New Zealand, South Africia, oh and the northern hemisphere Rugby countries – England, Wales, Scotland, France, Ireland, Italy, etc) are simply tougher than Americans.

    I back my point up by pointing out that when there has been a war scene in recent 100 year history – America sends in many more troops to get the same, if not less, job done as much smaller countries amount of troops.

    Case in point. The last gulf war….who were the first strike force?

    It was 150 of the Australian SAS.

    No Americans in sight.

  12. Im only 11 years old and I've all ready broken some ones leg. Its an awesome sport to play because you can hit someone and they will get up and still be friends with you.

  13. anyone else notice he said broken hernia and also its "immediate Remeval from game" instead of removal….he did not review his slides well :/ 

  14. Ryan Reis. Please stop. Just please stop. You're not an expert at rugby as your comment clearly exposes. Speed, making precision passes and handling bullet passes are skills just as important in rugby. Reading the play of the field is the backbone of the game. Hell, the philosophy all rugby coaches preach is to 'play what's in front of you. In any team sport, players have to read the game. As far as the retarded comment that not wearing helmets and shoulder pads is idiotic… One could also justifiably say that wearing all that gear is idiotic also! Especially as how it's meant to be protective and yet turns players into missiles. Both games are contact sports, which I believe is what make them injury inducing. You sound like you've watched a shit load of only one of them and probably never actually put your balls out for either of them. So please stop… Just please, just stop.

  15. I have a ton of respect for anyone who has the cajones to get on either field. I played football when I was younger, and rugby sounds like it would have been a blast. Granted… painful, but still a blast.

  16. Muricans only watch football because they WANT to see somebody gets hit really really hard and hope they'll see concussions or other injuries… AF matches are quite boring if you watch them compared to Ice Hockey or any other sport. Most of the time you see replays, the crowd celebrating, close ups from coaches/players and SOMETIMES there is sport between all the breaks. 
    AF is a downgrade of culture like MMA is and back in time gladiator fights was. The crowd wants more, and it will get more. More hits, more injuries, more concussions, more show.
    Boxing and Rugby started as a gentleman's competition. There was NO intention to entertain. It was a fight between to sportsman. No we've got a brutal MMA shit and stuff like AF.

  17. Please do a bit more research before expressing an opinion. American Football (Gridiron) used to be played without pads as well. Around 1905 the game was temporarily made illegal when 18 players were killed on the field during the course of the pre-season. President Roosevelt got involved to keep the sport alive by adding new rules and regulations, including the "forward pass" to spread out the action on the field a bit. This ended up revolutionizing the game.
    This in no way meant to be dismissive of Rugby. Gridiron and Rugby players are fully aware of the physical demands, and respect the talents of the athletes in both sports equally.

    Also the "spearing" is illegal in American Football. Using your helmet as a weapon when tackling is a serious foul. Unsportsmanlike Conduct, and ejection from the game follows. Tackling anyone, regardless of Rugby or American Football should never, ever be done with any part of the head, and keeping your head UP during a tackle is a fundamental part of training. If you drop your head on a tackle, you have an incredibly high chance of breaking your neck, resulting in permanent paralysis.

  18. Ricky Strom it is soooo nice to see you doing what you always talked about wanting to eventually do!  You look so different, but still got that same old laugh tho haha

  19. The rule in Rugby is that you must make an ATTEMPT to involve the arms in the tackle, which means you still lead with the shoulder, but must make a half-assed attempt at 'wrapping' with T-Rex arms…

    In Rugby League, you didn't have to use your arms at all until last year and the change was only due to players 'accidently' bouncing up and elbowing people in the head.

  20. They are two different sport. You cant compare the two. I do believe that rugby players have a higher fitness level.

  21. I play rugby and football and it seems like they get more hurt in football because the pads give a false sense of protection and in rugby they are more carful

  22. Haha pussify the NFL!! That was very funny!! But one thing they seems to ignore, even they watched, In Rugby you can hit as hard as you can with the shoulder, or body, (not with the head because you gonna die) in the tackle, but after that, then you have to wrapped around your arms to the player to make sure the player is down, otherwise it's not a tackle and the player will get up again, (if he fell because the hit) and will continue his running. The other thing you have to have in mind is THERE IS NO DEFENSIVE TEAM TO REPLEACE YOU!!! So maybe you decide to moderate the hit sometimes, because you need to be in one piece to attack as soon as possible. In rugby three things take your stamina: the hit againts another player, the hit against the grass and when the other players fall over you. And there are no pads that protect you. And there's more but I will stop right here!!

  23. They hit WAY softer than a NFL player. If the NFL didn't have pads than a third of all players would be dead by the playoffs.

  24. Rugby is a killer sport, I've played both and you cannot compare them. I've ripped my ear and broken my nose in rugby but the pain of that doesn't compare to the huge hits of football. They are completely different and I love them both.

  25. to start.. no rugby players usually don't hit close to as hard.. play both sports.. love both… football hits hurt more.. rugby has more hits. its so constant.. and the scrums and rucks r very painful.. then again in ur a back in rugby or a wr..qb cb.. in football. please dont ague which is tougher.. being a fullback in football and a number 8 and prop in rugby i hit people and move bodies.. and sure if i get the ball i hit people with a ball in hand… i dont run the ball… i run straight into people.. adn hey i ws leading try scorrer on a good team.. and had plenty or short yardage touchdowns…but that was all secondary.. if ur not in scrums and shit tons of rucks.. or in those huge blocking collisions.. u don't play the same sport as me.. you play lets score points.. i play lets move bodies.. 

  26. In rugby league there's much less rules about tackles and you still don't wear any pads. You don't have to wrap your arms around to make a tackle in league. I played both league and union rules in school and league is soo much more vicious… and fun!

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  28. If you watched the olden day Rugby, you'll see quite alot of Shit happening. People Punching, Gouging eyes, Head butting and So on. Back then, that was the Hard Grit fucking war zone, Now days, there are Puffy rules set by the English IRB that prohibit Violent Contact. People use to get Dumped on there head. Elbowed in the Chest, and sometimes Kicked in the Nuts. One player by the name of Buck Shelford, Got knocked out during one match, Got taken off field, just to get back on minutes later. Then in the Middle of fucking Mayhem, a Bloody Opposite player kick him in the Nuts, Got his Kleet caught on his Sack and Pulled out one of his Testicles. . . He got it Stitch and Proceeded with the Game. Thats why I think Rugby player are better. They don't Give up or Bitch. They don't care who's bigger or better, because in Rugby SIZE doesn't matter. 

  29. The dude on the TV has no Idea about rugby. So why is he talking about it? The other dude at least could step away from the Football culture and see things for what they are. 

  30. that was an amazing hit! but it wasnt hard. NFL hits develop hits 3 times as hard as this hit. if we didn't where the pads we would be dead

  31. The nfl doesn't know how to tackle properly at all. If they tackles the same way as they do without all the padding, they would fuck themselves up worse than the guy on the receiving end. All they do is head clash.

  32. who ever said anything about bringing them softly to the ground, only rules are, nothing above the shoulders, must attempt to wrap the arms around the opponent, hips of the person being tackled can't go higher than that their head, and no tackling when the player is in the air(this one I feel could be waived for American football on the count of them having enough protection when they fall.)

  33. I'm 18 years old and i have played rugby for 13 years. The very first thing you get told when being taught how to tackle is to tilt your head to the opposite side of the player to the shoulder you are tackling with. i.e. if i were to tackle someone with my left shoulder, i would move my head to the right and then wrap my arms around him and proceed with the tackle

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