Warriors All Access | Biz Takes in his First-Ever Lacrosse Game


– [Announcer] Please welcome
the new team ambassador of your Vancouver Warriors,
Paul Biznasty Bissonnette. Let’s make so noise. (engine rumbling) (mellow hiphop music) – I was watching warm up and I noticed their team captain had a beer gut, so I probably just tried
out for the wrong team. I thought I was pretty decent. All right, good luck boys. Oh yeah, (beeps) nice,
good luck tonight, buddy. Yeah, good luck, good luck
tonight, good luck, boys. (beeps) Let’s go. Hey, boys, what’s up, boys? – [Man] Oh, there he is. – Look at this guys, Biznasty, baby. (glass rattling) (exclaims) – There, loose ball. Holy (beeps), this is
(beeps) intense, man. – [Announcer] Got a championship defense. They made just one chance
and a shot in front, and a goal from Keegan Bal. How about that? – We did it! (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Once it
hit the back of the net, Jones, Schuss, shoots, scores. (whistle blowing) (buzzer blaring) (whooping) – I like what I see so far. (mellow hiphop music) (air whooshes) (mellow hiphop music) (air whooshes) Are those your girlfriends? – [Woman] Boyfriend. – Well, sorry I asked. Could I shoot this one? (air hissing) Did you hit me, did you hit me? (crowd exclaims) Oh, that’s gonna (beeps) hurt. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Dobbie, under
some pressure from O’Dougherty, he cuts in with a shot and
he stepped in the crease. And now look at this melee. (whistle blowing) Bodies flying everywhere. Dobbie into Codron. Has a man center if he wants and it’s James Rahe behind the defense. In on goal, shoots and he scores. (cheering) And now look out, a big hit. (exclaims) O’Dougherty drops the gloves at Harnett. Schuss gets in there. Another scrum ensues
in this fourth quarter. We got Currier going at it with Schuss, Schuss with a big right. Currier responds with a right, look at these two go. Not known for their fists and Schuss goes crashing to the turf. Fans are loving it. – The first lacrosse game
I’ve ever witnessed live. I appreciate the aggressiveness. If I ever had a kid, I
would put him in lacrosse, become probably a well rounded athlete. (mellow rock music)

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