Warriors in the Far North, up skilling the next generation of league talent


The Warriors have taken
the Far North by storm. They had a training session
in Kaitaia in the hopes of inspiring
the next generation of Maori rugby league players
to follow in their footsteps. Tamati Rimene-Sproat has the story. The Warriors visiting the lush lands
of the Far North to seek out the young up and coming
league players in the Far North. The goal is to teach the youth of
Kaitaia basic rugby league skills. It’s also an opportunity
to show these kids how to reach the heights of success
in the world of league. League is obviously
the main reason of the trip, but it is also an opportunity
to sow the seed of success within Maori communities
and youth in the Far North. We will hopefully see
these young up and comers reach the heights of success
in the future. Tamati Rimene-Sproat, Te Karere.

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