hey it’s time for a video video. heard that pole? you got
lucky. saved our bell. freakin arrests where you say what you say to me bro ? what is up everybody welcome back to the channel today we were doing
a a shooting challenge I said we just do like a fighting challenge
you brought boxing gloves how you got me in the mood. gotcha so no I’m no no no
my brows man stop being a punk no okay so who we’re gonna be one round with
just normal hands then gloves then hot pads then boxing gloves and then the
Hulk hands most points wins here we go so for the first round we’re going with
nothing so just straight hands you get three shots at each spot yes so we’re
going layups then this line kind of free throw that line kind of a three-pointer
of that line kind of a half-court easy peasy lemon squeezy one two three
I’m glad you two missed those that’d be embarrassing that’s really just there to
keep it consistent because once you get those boxing gloves or Hulk hands on
even a layup might become a little difficult oh boy he’s gonna be so mad
hey look it’s missing free throws no no we’re about to see the real Hulk okay
made a second one this first round is really where Caleb’s gonna be able to
get a good lead to start off the video because he’s a better shooter than me
okay so you’re at five points so these are these are worth two each
okay so the layup in the free throw are worth one point for each make these last
two lines are worth 2 points each it’s a little bit further than 3 if you can
tell on camera but it’s like fryi NBA 3 a little bit further Oh heartbreaker Caleb Oh so that is seven points oh-ho
this is deep Wow two more that’s nine and third one
geez okay see your first round that’s eleven on you one two oh look see you
got a little cocky you’re almost misted tell you I’m guys it is it is like
surprisingly cold today and I’m I got the sniffles so I feel your pain on that
one Josh from deep Oh good-looking shot you got 600 No Mas
no mas attempt oh nice nice shot eight third and final attempt oh gosh I’m so
good at Spanish kids are learning on this channel nothing but the bottom of
the net man I was hoping to have a little bit
more of a lead that’s pretty good going into the first round of gloves okay
Caleb now you’ve got the work gloves so as a true shooter a basketball player
what does this do to your to your shot to me not much to you I’m sure to affect
you a lot wow we go really nice really pretty easy for you 11 12 12 13 14 a little Bank action okay 15 15 11 May 3 15 yeah okay thing is
they felt good yeah I don’t even know how this is you
think baby well you don’t have a touch I don’t know
how hard I’m sure second shot with the work gloves oh okay
can you hit the third ones got it 17 yeah okay that’s 17 yeah okay so you
got to make three in a row here three in a row and that would be impressive
oh good okay what is that Caleb 1713 okay disheartening right there yeah looks like he’s guarding guardian
of some elves harvest can go very well harvesting some Hills I’m talking to
microphone Oh granny ooh pretty accurate that’s close third and final attempt sir so lucky so lucky yeah 7901 feeling hot killed dr. cancled
yeah leave the puns up to me yeah okay okay which one I think that shooter
saying this is just the shooter champ and this is like ready it’s kind of
fall-like can we just do this you have to support the ball okay I can’t get to
oven mitts and the wheel and one you know I would have worded I didn’t know
guys watch our videos so we can afford to other men he’s lived for keeping the score alive
oh my mom just texted me what’d you say she said earlier she just said she asked
me how you doing I said I’m doing great she said how are you she said thinking
about you oh and I said not gonna lie I’m frustrated right now cuz I can’t hit
a shot but other than that I’m doing great she said maybe it’s your toe
throwing you off Oh mom the oven mitt free throw anyone anyone boy oh boy
their their job Oh got it 23 yes stop look that’s better than your no shot the
three okay take an of the oven no way no way second try
no there’s no way that’s what I thought okay
I made three laughs I made it 23,000 T one three-pointer 23 half-court 25 25
points let’s see five before I get started with the oven mitts a long time
ago if you’ve been watching the channel for a very long time years you remember
an old challenge video where I dominated with oven mitts play that clip so hopefully I can channel that that
energy right there but were you challenging me no okay okay there you go
what am I at what’s that oh who cares I’m gonna win okay you’re at sixteen
sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen move it on back oh pretty good twenty twenty-one okay three-pointers this is where I
caught fire before – 23 going into the final shot if I’d be
one too tight you if I do remember correctly I was also at 23 going into
this shot you sure you don’t want to do my backwards technique it was actually
easier than shooting it I’m not gonna lie nice I give you props so now it is
225 all tied up leave a count right now who do you think is gonna win team Josh
or team Taylor the correct team and if you don’t know just comment in
alphabetical order simple enough Caleb put on the boxing
gloves honestly this is the one I’m more concerned about than the whole camps
really cuz there’s no like okay look you can kind of like kind of like grip the
ball around it I don’t think so you keep your fingers don’t actually that’s
coming they’re both Prieta no they’re both definitely gonna be tough I just
like said I’m a little more concerned about this usually when I put boxing
gloves on he’s not a concern in my body yeah cuz I’m ready to go I haven’t been
to a fight in a while do you wanna fight sometime
no why do you keep asking me that I don’t know I just feel like you just I
just wanna punch you yeah I think this is where the fruit that layups might
start to get difficult you got a youth medium cheese I don’t
know this is what I’m concerned about cuz I don’t know what to do let’s see first the first missed layup okay 26 I feel silly
I don’t even know wait for the next victim
Oh 28 okay going into the two pointers oh and he lost them all tops on how many
shots are gonna make here three none maybe three three okay probably accurate
don’t keep with the granny holy cow no way what just happened pipeline what how
was how was your punch how was your punch better than your granny thirty
going into the half-court shot are you really gonna punch it my gosh what is
going on keep going what is going on oh my gosh why are you so good at this that was insane the first two that’s
crazy okay 32 that’s tough to be Josh that’s tough
to be man these are gross sorry so easily I’m gonna basically save myself
for this round is I’m gonna not miss my lamp like you did okay yeah it’s just
it’s not a hard is figuring out how you’re gonna do it first I’m negative
negative is my leg up I’m gonna stay in the game by not missing that’s not
happening 26 terrible 26 picky though I’m gonna
miss ribs Oh 27 we’re trying to make a video 28 you know what I’m not even
worried go ahead and make all your free throws good luck back here
bet you I said to their face though you do have boxing gloves on go show them
what’s up 29 all right from the three-pointer let’s see what you got and air ball attempt Oh numero dos the tempo
numero tres means third attempt in Spanish oh so close yet no cigar why is
that a saying I don’t get it 32:29 you need one of these to stay in the game
and have the distance though hey I need you to not forget the whole
camp Babur hey Caleb remember that time you
missed the free-throw okay here you go Thanks okay you ready
for layups yep Oh a little short yeah they’re slippery
yeah you look so funny oh you got it 33:34 stop it stop it stop it go three
times yes Oh Talan
okay 35 Wow they don’t tell you when you put the
Hulk hands on you get a little bit of Hulk strength
that was crazy Oh last 100 leaving the door not wide open
but kind of open for me moving back to half-court shot
Caleb’s looking like he might turn into the real Hulk right now it’s a little
hard it wasn’t bad left final attempt Hulk smash smash Oh a little too hard what happened huh with the Volga I think
it thank you to do over there I think yeah I don’t yeah oh the other guy yeah
big guy alright Josh you’re sitting at 29 29 you’re sitting at 35 geez you need
six to tie seven to win 30 31 32 33 34 I just I just want to give you the
breakdown here you just need to make one of these shots you make one of these six
shots and you win ooh that was close I’m a little nervous now oh the whole cans
on your head is fine last tent here ooh three more shots where the victory
is mine oh my goodness she subscribed to Caleb Channel and he’s
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chance went in scream shout out next time I think that’s all I’ll see you
guys later bye you I can’t believe you did that
turn around I cannot believe they do not put the bottom in the net they cannot
believe it people are gonna think yeah you’re gonna think this stuff’s

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