What is Hurlacrosse | Hurling vs Lacrosse Rules

What is Hurlacrosse | Hurling vs Lacrosse Rules

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The rules of Hurling versus Lacrosse
explained Hurling versus Lacrosse, or Hurlacrosse, is a compromised rules match
played between one hurling team and one lacrosse team, using their respective
sport sticks i.e. the hurling team uses a hurl and a lacrosse team used in
lacrosse stick. The aim of Hurlacrosse is to promote these two sports that are steeped in so much culture and heritage. The game is played on the standard sized
soccer field, or American football field, depending on local availability. The ball used in a hurlacrosse match is a sliotar size 4, which is a camogie sliotar. To balance the teams and promote good sportsmanship, the hurling goalkeeper will play for the lacrosse team and the lacrosse goalkeeper will play for the hurling team. time four quarters of ten minutes each
are played in between each quarter the teams change sides and the game is
paused for at least five minutes commencing of play the ball is thrown
along the grounds between two sets of two players from each team all players
starting in the middle of the field of play in a respective half all other
players must stand nine meters or ten yards away from the tro in and they only
approach when either of these players have played the ball to play the ball
from the tro in her this must perform a job or role list while lacrosse players
must perform scoop no direct striking of the ball along the ground is permitted
during the tro in teams each team consists of ten players and the field of
play unlimited substitution is allows scoring
a score above the crossbar and between the two uprights is worth one point a
score below the crossbar and between the two posts it’s worth three points which
is a goal the area behind the goal line which is behind the sixteen point five
meter line is called the X bar two on the diagram this rule is adapted from
the wraparound rule in the cross a ball is still play when there is a a failed
attempt to score but the ball has not crossed the end line or one of the
sidelines and be a ball tight from the X not resulting in a score but staying
within the boundaries of the field of play game play the ball may be carried
and played in accordance with the rules of each of the two sports hurting
players may carry the ball in their hands for two periods of four steps
I may not lift the ball directly from the ground with their hands in
accordance with standard hardened rules the cross players can carry the ball for
six steps in their pocket before they have to play the ball this is the
equalized game play and prevent over carrying of the ball the footage shown
in this video is from a Test match in Los Angeles between the OSI wild geese
and T Martin to cross to find a full set of rules go to hurl across comm slash
rules hey guys my name is David Walken and I’m excited to finally make this
video about the worlds of her lacrosse eight years ago we moved to North
America from Martins and five years ago instead of fake hurling which is an
online network that aims to build the Harlem community in North America since
I was six years old its hardness being my passion and my sport as I be
explained and hardens people lacrosse kept on coming up as the comparative
sports since they’re both fast paced Beal sports this encouraged me to reach
out to the University of Toronto lacrosse team and we collaborated on a
video where they tried Hardin for the first time and immediately after I
published this video Tony divined from Martin’s across
reached out to me and said why don’t we combine the two sports and call a car
lacrosse and as what any great idea I sat on it for a couple of years and in
the meantime I’d moved to California and joined the OC wall piece being the open
minded team that they are I decided to bring up this crazy idea of her lacrosse
I think I’m very very excited about it so we decided to go for it
so I started planning to her lacrosse events I’m posting about it on social
media I’m Jakob Feldman of Darmstadt GA in
Germany reached I’d say that he Atari hosted a successful heracross event and
he shared photos and his set of rules which is really encouraging to see a ton
of practice so then I combined his set of roles with my set of rules and we
used this to host North America’s first her lacrosse match we hosted it in Los
Angeles between the OC walkies and hardens across and it was amazing to see
how well these two sports flowed together
the aim of her lacrosse is to promote these two sports they’re steeped in so
much culture and heritage and after hosting our event it became
clear that this hybrid sports is a celebration of sportsmanship of teamwork
and of skill which is both amazing to watch and to play it’s not a bit of one
sport being better than the other it’s about demonstrating the skill sets of
both sports and to grow book communities and now it’s over to you to break it to
your city will be hosting the demonstration match at the 2019 World
Games in Croke Park and dumpling the aim for this match is the service
foundational display to encourage worldwide adoption to see the rules
intact go to her lacrosse comsat rules and if you liked this video make sure to
subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. Would like to see this game with an Irish hurling team and a six nations lacrosse. You have not seen a real lacrosse game until you see native lacrosse.

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