Who is The Best Stepper?

Who is The Best Stepper?

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here is speckman
– stem from in this time and then he puts the hammer down
Speckam Rosco’s away whoop side stick and they gone through Specman gets his work through Specmaan takes the weel roscko specman scores lovely footwork again from Specma n
looking again to him pass tuwai its a foot race specman gonna win on Holland Longbottom Longbottom
has Killing with out wide Longbottom in and away Longbottom his feet are filthy Morgan just like pinky tackle he’s on
fire the steering Tom Williams silicon lace
we know how quick he is as well I didn’t look up tearing off you guts enough
lifetime back into tune thoughtful Carolyn and
look at those chicken feet too small to play rugby too small to play rugby too small to play rugby props and screens back the other
direction long gone and go bright girl gives it to Longbottom
there’s the dancing thing gone soft hands dim in Vinnitsa we’ll find space
good observe we’ll need some watches on the outside where will you I want you sir thank you
for coming now he keeps the board in two hat keeps them all when ting look at the
dark temple and I said Dora regards the step in New
Zealand this is what he called getting waxed not even touched was not then I said to don’t he’s gone one who live for zeal energy
more spice black big rock footstep Tibet’s gets
back down the field gives another odd footstep little scouts utter Betty’s
fishing resort the summer that time meal is it’s these ability off the wrong foot
clearly it sees five approaches if you guys want a drink how many guys a little
bit of a ghost step there one was to respect itit rifle ow Kimsey there on the park some Akins he
is on for recruiting me wrong he’s not over this guy I wanna finish up that’s what he does he says you better play hey guys call me
from this rainbow mr. line as well as scaption defense we
look for way there to feed on their Champa does incredibly well to hold on so good to see give give somebody like
him ball in space let him do what he’s really really good at and that’s exactly
what Toulouse is there they threw it early they had a bit of space shadows
past dark and Davis pass Hadley parts still in possession to
the 22 small underneath has judges it really well lowers to his left
look at that footwork this is the danger that he can cause under in the face and
he’s got support lower I told you was impossible to catch
Jordan Luger with one of the most thrilling Dreiser
you will ever see well that’s absolutely sensational
unbelievable footwork he takes the ball it’s a park again and what’s more it is
the more and the more shows what he can do just look at that for the outset that
is a stunning finish Ardi survey a strong man ripped off by
feral and then here comes the matador he beats one man he’s so delicate he’s
got such great balance feral is left for dead but England a common afternoon in
the end he’s been young she’s under brilliant first 12 minutes who makes the
tackle by four nine numbers up you a junkie a pure Jackie’s got the place the
place midnight I pull the lines get it down to
that man John T and the two to the headwaters actually tackle themselves
and that side step is just incredible the campaign just making something from virtually nothing

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  2. I don't think it is Apple's compared with Apple's seeing a 7's player and a 15's player. 15's have much less space so it takes a lot more skill to pull it off

  3. Hey no offence bro but next time you should try looking at some "FLYING FIJIAN" side steps to add to your video…Now thats what you call side steps, shimmies, goose steps….etc.

  4. Where is Jerry Tuwai, Nasilasila, Nacuqu, Williliam Ryder and serevi and so forth….this is a joke..not even a single fijian players who are natural side steppers…this footage is pure discrimination of the small nations…

  5. Agreed these guys are some of the best stepper in the game….However, some of the greatest steppers of all time are Shaun Johnson, Benji Marshall and the flying Fijian “ William Ryder “…….

  6. Steps are too predictable. Not a good compilation. Check out Ryder and Tuwai from Fiji. You wouldn't know where they were running . Dont blink. Wonder why they are 7s champs.

  7. 7s stepping doesn’t count. 7s barely counts as rugby. It’s just sprinters who can catch a ball.

  8. No harm but sevens just shouldn’t count,it’s too easy man,need to keep it union and league,it’s not hard to step one player then your wide open

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