Who Will Walk Away The Big Winners? | #Winning | Cricket Wireless

Who Will Walk Away The Big Winners? | #Winning | Cricket Wireless

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– Oh! You got the 50! You won 50 bucks, or you
can multiply it by 10 it becomes 500, and give it to a stranger. – Ohhh. – You wanna come play a game with me? She didn’t really look that interested. Do you guys wanna play a quick game? – Sure. – Yeah! – Alright! This is the Cricket
Wireless Winning Wheel. Whatever amount you land on,
that’s the amount of money I’m gonna give you today. That’s free money for you. – What?! – Let’s do this. – Alright, get your game on. – This better not land on no zero. – Wait. Yes! – Yeah! – Your luck just changed today! (laughs) – [Host] Wait a minute. – Yeah! – What?! So how excited are you
about that 20 bucks? – I’m excited. – Because that 40 is yours. – Hey now. – [Contestant] Thank you. – But there’s a catch. – I knew there was a catch. – You can either take this 50 dollars or you can take 500 and give it away and make somebody’s day. – Oh, this is a test. – Give them 400 dollars? Yeah, sure. – There was no hesitation there. You’re about to spread
some love right now. – I’m gonna take the 50. – Okay, enjoy the rest
of your vacation, okay? – Thank you! – I swear, I’m not gonna take it away. – I’m gonna run. (both laugh) – I’ll give it away. – George, my man. You sure?
– Yeah. – I’ll do that.
– You wanna do that? – Yup. – So you don’t want the money? – No. – But don’t you need that, too? – Yeah, but there’s always someone that could use it more really. – This right here, 500 dollars. – Let’s look around, you can
literally give it to anybody. – I’ll give it to that lady over there. – Right there? – Yeah. – Go ahead, tell her right now. – Okay. Hello, I just played this game, I know this is kind of weird,
but this is 400 dollars. – And you’re giving me this? – Yeah. – I don’t believe this. – This is for you, it’s 500 dollars. – Is this a joke? – No, it’s for you. – Thank you! – Mhmm. (crowd cheering and applauding) – Thank you so much. – I hope this brings you blessings. – Are you kidding me? – I’m not kidding. – Thank you. – No problem. – [Host] You gave 500 dollars
away, why did you do that? – You never know what people
are needing or wanting. – I don’t know what she needs,
but that makes me happy. – What made you choose that random guy? – He was working hard. – I got two kids, so school, bills, I feel like a winner today. – You know, the more you
give, the more you’ll get. A winning feeling that I get to give back. – Just seeing their
reaction, that made my day. – If I can bless somebody
with 500 dollars, that means more to me than 50 dollars. – You coulda got some shoes. – We’re blessed enough, man. – Now what if I told you that
because you gave her that 500 I’m actually gonna give you that 50 plus 450 more to give you 500, too. – Wow! – And that’s yours. – Thank you, man. – Oh, that’s nice. Are you serious? – Nadia, you did a good thing today. – Thank you. – You positive? – I’m positive. – Thank you, sir. – You deserve it. – What! (girls squeal) – Everybody wins! – Hashtag Winning!
– Winning! – God bless you. – [Host] God bless you. – We did it, baby, we did it. – I could go see my parents. – That was awesome. – Have a good one. – Can I do this and do a
hundred dollars to someone else? – Wait, you wanna keep giving? – These guys right here.

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