Why Core Training for Tennis Players is Important – Tennis Conditioning Episode 2

Why Core Training for Tennis Players is Important – Tennis Conditioning Episode 2

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Hi, I am Philipp Halfmann, I am the Director of tennis and strength and conditioning at Tennis Conditioning
TV, and I work with professional athletes for a living. Today I wanna talk about why core training
for tennis players is important. Do you know that core strength will ultimately
determine how fast your service is going to be? Ok, so let’s take a look at the service motion
of Swiss junior champion Alexander Ritschard. As you can see he pushes off the ground, jumps
up in the air, and hits the ball above his head. So why is the core or trunk region important
if he hits the ball with his right arm? The answer has to do with energy transfer
also known as kinetic (movement) chain efficiency. The reason why the trunk (the core) is important
during energy transfer is because there are the most connecting points in the movement
chain, which means that there is the highest potential for energy “leakage”, which results
in reduced force production. Therefore, strengthening the core makes sense. So let’s take a look at transfer of energy. Everything in tennis is ground driven, meaning
the athlete pushes off the ground, transfers energy through the body, and hits the ball.
So a chain of events occurs before you hit the ball. It doesn’t matter if you hit a serve
or ground stroke, the procedure is always the same. It’s a bottom-up transfer of energy. So, during the serve you start with 100% of
potential energy at the feet. Then you start the motion, transfer energy through the body
and hit the ball above the head. During that motion you will lose some energy due to “heat”.
Therefore, the available energy above your head is definitely less than 100%. So the speed of your serve ultimately depends
on three factors: 1. how much force can be generated from your
feet 2. how much gets transferred through the body
3. how much of force gets applied to the ball Well, that’s it again for today’s episode.
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