WIN More Tennis Matches With The ‘RULE OF 3’

WIN More Tennis Matches With The ‘RULE OF 3’

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17 thoughts on “WIN More Tennis Matches With The ‘RULE OF 3’”

  1. I like the rule…but do we need to keep the ball deeper in the court….when i coach …i tell my students to get 50 balls in play…extreme but drives home the message of consistency. ..

    What about doubs?….Does this rule work?

  2. I have tried this and it does work but it's awful boring. And in reality, you are sacrificing your development as a player just to win a match against someone mediocre. I'd rather lose while trying to get better at hitting winners or getting good at my tactical game. Because I want to advance to point where I can beat good players.

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  4. I've been struggling against pushers lately and absolutely nothing was working. I tried everything technically, and I knew there was something wrong with my mindset, but I didn't know what I could tell myself to start just getting balls back. I really hope this mindset can help me beat these low level players so I can rack up my high school wins.

  5. Hi guys, I stopped playing tennis 3 years ago because this game was starting to turn me mad. I just beated myself for 90% of my defeats and got into extreme rages that I never experienced in the other fields of my life. So today it's cool to see your videos. It first makes me feel I'm not alone and undestand my problem was actually very common. Maybe if one day I start playing again, I'll regularely learn on your channel. So thanks for your commitment and best regards.

  6. I feel i only have comfortable wins or can only have a chance if i play aggressively. If i stay behind they can find my weak spot, backhand, or charge me on a short ball. Now it may be that my baseline play is not good but that is harder to change than use the relative succes of my aggressive play. Im working on it though

  7. Yep, at my level, I found that just placing the ball towards the back of the court in the middle meant that I get the ball in and the opponent makes the mistakes. 😀

    The problem is that it's boring and so I end up taking bigger risks to make things more interesting.

  8. Sup dudes. Older video but I had to comment. Entered a tournament over here in Germany, focused on just getting 3 balls in every point no mater what. Bros. I’ve never played more consistent in a match in my life. Won 6-4 6-1. Next match soon. And the crazy part is, whenever I would switch to thinking about winners, I would make more mistakes. I’m sure at a higher level the rule of 3 is a given and the winner-mentality is stronger, but for my 3.5 level, it was invaluable. Thank you!

  9. Just an update. I tried this in my club league and encountered a few players for whom this just didn't work. I felt like I was feeding the ball so they could put it away. Apart from "get better at tennis", any other ways of trying to even the odds? I resorted to defensively slicing the ball so it would kick up at an awkward angle to make it less optimal for them to hit it; kinda worked but not enough to win or make a real challenge.

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