WINTER in LEBANON: Villages of the Mountains, Snow, Ski, Food and Awesome People

WINTER in LEBANON: Villages of the Mountains, Snow, Ski, Food and Awesome People

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2000 Meters, it’s negative two degrees. Today’s trip started from Al Zaarour. We have started at 6:30 AM and we are seeing how they prepare the ski trail before 8AM. We are going to have lots of fun and adventures, eat and I’ll show you how you can have the best time ever in A7la Balad Bil 3alam (the most beautiful country). The Alps? It’s Lebanon, Lebanon’s snow! And a meshwar (trip) that starts here. Amin, tell me what people don’t know off. People don’t know how we turn on the ski lifts because we have 6 ski lifts and trails men start working at 4AM They check each and every lift’s colon and they slough the ice off. Cleaning is done in order for the cable to turn and not burnout. In the mean time, after cleaning the lifts they make sure of the electricity after undoing the motors if there wasn’t any natural detonators that might have caused harm, Upon that they try to turn on the ski lifts the lifts turn on, and afterwards we try each and every chair lift then remove the snow off them. So that people could come and sit. You told me the snow’s thickness was 20 cm at night, and the snow is frozen, so you have to clean them all. Everything needs to be cleaned.. First at 4AM, and now again at 6AM to retouch over the chairs. that’s right Saliba, we are ready, you can turn them on. We came here to enjoy our time. The ski lifts are ready, and hopefully no one gets to use this. Safety first and the red cross is here incase we need it. This is the view, that you can’t but take a snap of it. You could see Beirut and the Sea. Those are the ten or fifteen minutes where you could sit to admire Lebanon’s mountains and the white snow under, and it’s relaxing. That’s when someone could say it’s God’s miracle. And now it’s time to ski This view is amazing! You can only see it from here. Today it;s snowing so we couldn’t enjoy skiing. I’m going to continue my day. Now a breakfast in Baskinta Follow me! We left Zaarour and we took the road that leads to Baskinta. It’s not an opened road, but we have faith in God and we will continue our trip. And we are opening the road from the snow! Baskinta! 10:30 AM. There’s only one stop in this village. Follow me. It’s time for the first stop, i’m hungry and the first breakfast at Krikor. Hello! I have missed you! How’s everything? How’s the family? How long has it been? a year. Where’s your wife? Let me call her. We call her? Yes she’s at home. Come the guys are over. Let me tell you this, Krikor has been here for more than 75 years. He doesn’t have a dough maker, he lives in a relaxed way. He lives with his wife Laure who helps him. He is going to make us, the Manoushe that I always dream of! Take care because you’re about to get hungry! Bring the huge plate and start preparing, you should’ve told me to get it from before. Butter, cheese, Kawarma, eggs, and more cheese! And what’s the secret afterwards? It’s ghee! Of course! Cow ghee. Did you notice that the only oven that doesn’t use this huge knife, yet still uses the small one, is at Krikors only? Yum! It’s a love-love relationship The dough is amazing! The cheese is melted. The Kawarma isn’t salty, and it doesn’t contain fat. It’s perfect. Can they hear us on TV? Oh that’s wonderful! You’re a master! I hope you stay healthy, you’re welcome. The food at your Oven is like a dream! But we should leave before we gain 3 kilograms! I want to kiss you before leaving. Thank you for everything. You’re welcome young men. I hope you stay healthy! You’re welcome young men. Bye! Msy God be with you. 12:15 PM, after an amazing breakfast at Krikors, we went up to Bekish. In Bekish there aren’t any ski trails anymore. however, there’s a nice road that leads us to Faqra. We’re lucky because the wheel loader opened the road. everything is white, and the road is taking us to Faqra. We are going to see what we can discover in Faqra before we go to Mzaar. How beautiful is Lebanon, the snow the natural bridge of Faqra, chestnut in the cold weather, and corn! The road takes us to the first lunch in Faqra! The meshwar (trip) doesn’t get any better without a Lebanese lunch with the team before we keep going. Hummus and Labne! It’s insanely good. It’s 5:30 PM, 0 degrees, we are putting on some tracks because the night has just begun, and tomorrow we have to be up at 5AM! Safety first. Hi Charbel! Hello! I have been waiting all day for you. I knew you were coming here today, and obviously you are going to pass by. Charbell what are you going to prepare for Dinner today? since you’re here, the dinner will be from pure village. The sound! The smell! What did you prepare today? The salad that looks like a pie. It’s dough is like the cheesecakes dough. It contains philadelphia cheese, and avocados. I felt the biscuits are crunching. 100%! Chicken pie that has marinated chicken and mushroom we have the spinach as well. We have meat, and then snails. Cheers! I can’t stop eating! I think you should start with this, it doesn’t have to be meat, it no longer has to be a main course. Now people start with sheep meat, then they choose what they would like to add into other dishes. It’s very soft, the fat tastes so good! Charbel and I are going to have dinner, I didn’t know he prepared all this! Thank you for the hospitality! The prepared meat we eat here, you know in winter we must eat something that’s a bit heavy and full of fat. for the metabolism to burn faster. And obviously the stuff we can reach for here everyday. Thank you it’s a great dinner. There’s a surprise for later! after we eat.. we are going to prepare something good together. We are going to buy some groceries for the night with the team and for the breakfast tomorrow! I promised you with a surprise. before the day ends because we’re waking up early, our friends here in Faqra invited us over. I felt like doing hot wine, I will show you how I do it my way, and I will use Lebanese wine. And I am going to add apples, apple syrup honey, cinnamon sticks, oranges, lemon, and I will show you how. The scent of hot wine is all over the place and it’s wonderful. I’ll pour it in a mug. I’ll decorate it with a cinnamon stick, the orange peel I’ll twist it and add it in. It starts with the smell of the orange and the lemon. It’s perfect. Each and every ingredient we put in has it’s clear taste. the apples and the lemon’s taste is also clear. the cinnamon as well. I’m going to sit by the chimney and enjoy my cup, sleep early because tomorrow is a long day. Good night. Cereal and Milk Labne Sandwich my favorite breakfast! The second day of winter in Lebanon, starts now! How beautiful is this country! From Faqra we can take the highway, to Jbeil then Laklouk, but we chose to go through the villages. and take the narrow streets, To see the beauty, that took us from Mayrouba to Kafka We’re going to continue the trip and have breakfast in Tannourine. Hello! How are you? Bother to prepare us some breakfast? Yes of course! Thyme and cheese please. Thyme and cheese it is! greetings! it’s 9AM and I’m in tannourine having breakfast the thyme that I adore, and I will continue they have prepared raw meat for me! thyme! the Manoushe of the village! He’s not here, it seems he’s preparing the food. But the table is almost done the Arak is ready 9:30 AM in Tannourine That’s how we should start it, and not in any other way! Something has changed in my physical appearance, last time I have something different on my head. Hello! Hello! I really missed you! Same here ! I don’t remember anything in Tannourine except this table we put and this table is even better May God give you life, I hope this year is going to be a good one! This beautiful white year! Typical village table! Meat, Arak and more! and it’s all coming locally. In Beirut everyone takes care of his health due to his age, but here look at the young men! May God bless you. Hopefully it’s going to be a good year! Cheers to Tannourine and Lebanon! Cheers to the white snow. The view talks for itself. 2130 Meter above sea level in the mountains of Tannourine. All the mountains are covered with white snow, and we can see the village from here. And at the extreme end we see Beirut. Is there any other country that’s more beautiful? Is it possible that I get to Hasroun, and not pass by Charbel? Let’s visit him. How’s work? Well, God bless it’s doing fine. Is it going well? Yes work is going well. There are lots of customers that come in. But I can’t keep up. I’d do 20 to 30 Pizzas and that’s it. I help him as well. We talk about Charbel, and Charbel lives relaxed, and does 20 pizzas per day within 2 hours, then head to Beirut So if you want to try his Pizza, come early or call him to make sure he’d take your order. 100%! Charbel is famous with the largest pizza, the richest pizza, and with a delicious pizza! About how many people can eat this pizza? Depending on the people. Almost 5 people could eat one. Can you notice how heavy it looks? We can say, it’s about 2 kilograms! It’s length is, 156 cm! Waw so accurate! That’s one hell of a Pizza! We have covered more than 250 km, it’s 2 PM and it’s our second day, it’s not over yet. We are still going to Ehden. And passing by Ehden isn’t complete, without Mafrouke and the Mshabshale, Zgharta and Ehden are known with there Mafrouke and Ashta and the Mshabshale which is exactly like Halawat Al Jeben (Lebanese sweets). Yum they’re delicious! Especially the rose water that has a dominant taste and smell, before we stop our trip, we’re saying goodbye! Is there any better than the Arab sweets? Those past two days, I showed you around Lebanon is winter.. Lebanon that’s full of life and is white. 2017 is the year of A7la Balad Bil 3alam (the most beautiful country)! let’s live Lebanon together!!

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  6. I enjoyed watching the whole clip. I noticed my cousin Ishaya in Tannourine was filmed, he is the one with the white cloth on his head ?. I miss my village Tannourine and can't wait to go back. Peace from Australia.

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