WINTERACTIVITY le Film – Ski Freeride – Eng subtitle


Shi-fou-mi Oh, Remi, easy. Good guys, you both
did the stone, I made the sheet I welcome Welcome to Courchevel They’re here and they excel Riding Offtrack Watch your mind,
you’re gone crack. Big expectations. No limits. just do it. From where do you come,
white and cold snow? Snow who gathers the scattered All of us, the ones
who really mattered, We will, to the summits go. Aha, no way … summits .. The weather, snow appears The best in years,
light as a feather.. Excellent Solan, you
are an inspiration, Chapter 1 Hot Chocolate Your rhyme with
feather, I have one too After the powder in November Came the rains of December. A blazing sun, Snow disappeared, a smoking gun It was gone my son. Only snow in the shade for our hopes we already paid no time for dark thought, Change will shine, a pure light. first to the bottom, Solan. It’s shaking! Oh, awesome mate. Peaceful as Remi,
when he is full do not be fooled by
appearances, he is a tsunami.. Humm, a tsunami! What about Solan,
The one who dares he will jump like a kangoroo,
on the snow or in the air Wise William loves nature, doesn’t
make a zilliom full of life and adventure Micka is seeting the pace,
when we least expect it no shit, he has the ace. Oh fuck it’s you rasta man And when everything is
perfect, sun and powder Summit meeting, mate! Flo and Claudio are joining us! After Movember, December braces, Lets fight against climate!!! Oh yeah, we said that
we were filming me. Really? Ehh wait Noooo You didn’t feel
anything, it’s fine! I do it because we
are 28th decembre Remi the esthete,
the athletic body That every morning Do some push up Noo, take care of it.. There’s no danger Remi is flying, as the albatross He’s quickly taking off And break his bones Hey Remi, do not
reveal everything Ok alright. Chapter 2 Sensitive Subject So Action? yeah action Gooo Skiing with Mickael, is a
story at every moments But there not much longer,
his career is in trouble. Which is not the case of
William who’s shooting somehow, a bit originaly It’s super hard, I
got piece of actions but damn, I’m not good What do you want to do Solan,
there nothing under you. You’re right here,
it’s perfect, jump. Take some speed, gap everything,
there’s 8 and powder Solan believes he got wings so he jumps big Cliff on every Courchevel ones he’s been puting his signature He is nice Oh, he gaps everything Do you know if
Chanrossa is open? I don’t know, take
a look at the app Was on yesterday Cool let’s go yeah Oh yeah, I’m lying on
the side of the piste. It is not often seen
Micka lying like that Such a bummer see you Thanks for the ride Fuuuck this is bad Ankle broken Chapter 3 Above,
it’s just the sun. And here you hike in the shade you juste have few steps
to do, just few steps It’s a bit steep and
then you’re on the edge And when you reach
this point it’s done! yeah alright! You see, nothing crazy I just have to break
this, and pass that step Here it is And once you’re here It’s already done,it’s just the
small step in stone which is a
bit shitty Yeah, I did it in
worse conditions Slowly slowly slowly Mountaineering is
the culmination Everyone dreams at a time But each one practice
at his level To not end up in the gutter to make sure nobody is afraid facing adversity, danger the main thing is to be together so that no run is wasted Here it’s not Britain meadows are powder fields Ahhh As we love this mountain on each winding descent yes sir ya man, so good! Well it’s not too bad,
right? What do you think? Yeah it’s not bad Hey look who is coming I’m sure he is gone
come, yes he comes Damn guys was tremendus! We don’t give a shit, go away Still have work We take a look from the start Chapter 4 Our Best We still have hope Riding again next year Until doesn’t want to anymore Laughing again like special william laugh I like your prose Your way to say the life But don’t astray yourself Or you’ll need a Saint-Benard Rock and roll dude! He is on fire! I was not far but didn’t touch I tell you that you touch I didn’t Rock and roll mate!
Rock and roll! One by one here, one by one! Hey mates, we have to find
a punishment for Micka Micka, how do we say that… Violated Shifumi sacred game Will all pay us a beer Those guys are crazy! Shifumi Bam bring back your knees, Bim! It was so good, I thought so
much that you would fall off I was like, oh cork! Done! If this is not a dream… Ahhh Fuck Yeah Yeah, yes yes! What is going with? Smoked duck breast No way buddy, are you serious? And cheese What an idea to have
a drone in your bag. Behind the scenes, it’s
not that rosy and easy! Oh I think this tool is a little
shit, I can’t target anything I’m sorry, I’m not super skier! Hey guys it’s running.. Wait, oooohhh Yes i said it’s running
but I wasn’t looking A beginning and an end More often than years It was the winter
and it was cool But season is over Talking about season I finished with crutches But you were not alone Fair enough Remi,
you have been nice Me too I broke the jaws Oh winning pair! We are the broken legs So I think we are all agree,
of course there’s no regret Even if it’s nice the poetry Next time for sure, we forget Yeah Now it’s hot, it’s summer everybody bare with tongs In Remi’s house
in Soulac we were Frankly good at ping pong! The voice over is over fortunately we made it not perfect, just satisfied and for future nothing defines Oh shity brakes! My pedals are not lock Where am I going,
where am I going Come on, what are you doing? Go away at least Best shoot of the year! Can you walk normally,
not like rotten duck

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