Working at a Japanese Snow Monkey Park ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Working at a Japanese Snow Monkey Park ★ ONLY in JAPAN

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Welcome to Takasakiyama in Ōita city these monkeys are native to Japan. They’re pretty special This is not a zoo. This is a monkey reserve they come and go freely. In fact This is more like a Town Square and today I’m gonna be working here for the afternoon To get a closer look at the lives and society of these monkeys. And believe it or not they do not eat bananas. Suimimasen (excuse me) Let’s see where exactly Ōita city and Takasakiyama are located in Japan We start in Kyushu Ōita’s on the eastern end Here Ōita City the capital of the prefecture and Takasakiyama is just to the west right off the bay At the base is the rail line and highway and behind the park entrance is pure wilderness where the monkeys live 8:00 a.m. It’s time for me to start my job at Takasakiyama monkey park You can walk a few minutes up the steps or commute there by monorail This definitely is not the Shinkansen but it’s a smooth ride to the office All staff members must wear Takasakiyama Park uniforms We’re ready for the first task of the morning calling the monkeys down from the mountain for breakfast and a headcount Visitors aren’t allowed up the mountain. But since we’re on the job you’re invited to join us We are out here to confirm the situation to see how the monkeys are doing and See how the pack is Reacting day to day. It’s every morning they do this kind of check on the monkeys This is when the bizarre monkey yelling started Other staff members were higher up the mountain yelling and reporting on the population’s movements Other than our yelling the forest beyond was quiet Monkeys feel more secure at night up on the mountain in the trees and come down together every day We got live reports by radio saying they were coming down slowly I’m geeing used to this if you make human voices human sounds and the monkeys know you’re human You have to make something a little bit different. That’s pretty different. It’s pretty different. I wondered if it could be my presence that kept them away but then… The troupe started to make their way down little by little like this mother and baby Nothing… but they’re out there It’s pretty cool, we’ve got four or five of them now coming out of the dream Six seven eight nine There’s ten now monkeys that have come out of the forest to come and greet us. This is morning at Takasakiyama It’s pretty cool. huh! One of the bosses came out to let everyone know it was clear of danger Not all monkeys commute by ground some take to the trees The young ones ride into town on their mother’s backs, it’s a lot more fun that way This is an important part of the job keeping the monkeys together so they don’t go to surrounding farms They’re used to coming down to town for breakfast now, which keeps farmers happy So what exactly are these monkeys in Japan? Ōita is just one of many places where the Japanese macaque reside What makes them special is that They’re the only native monkey in Japan and they get their name as the snow monkeys because no other primate lives more north than them The Japanese macaque is the king of the cold They can deal with temperatures as cold as minus 20 degrees Celsius Their average lifespan is about 6 years in the wild and around 28 to 30 in captivity monkey is saru (猿) in Japanese The nihon saru is part of Japanese folklore and is respected Except maybe by the farmers which is why the park exists It opened in 1952 after World War 2 when food supplies for humans were low, and it kept the monkeys and humans in harmony With about 1200 monkeys here. Takasakiyama’s monkey troops are some of the biggest in the world It’s a family friendly place for both monkey and human Feeding time several times a day staff fill a bucket full of barley And I can’t be late the monkeys know exactly when feeding time takes place experienced staff moves quickly. It will be hard to move the same way my first time You can hear the monkey speaking they know it wasn’t the usual guy on duty Paying respect to the bosses like this confused them, but I wanted to get on their good side It really does take time to get to know the monkeys like the staff does Sometimes feeding them different caused fights to break down the society has rules Thankfully I was untouchable, you know as the food guy, but they are sneaky sometimes But they don’t just guess barley it’s time for dinner the sweet potato cart race It’s a way for them to show off their speed and agility to the troop It gets pretty crazy out there like a mosh pit I’ll show you from three angle’s After they get one or two sweet potatoes the troop scatters for some good eating After you get your sweet potato you sneak of fast. Before the big guys swipe one from you The monkey park is set up with urban services like a city. There’s waste management One of our duties is to protect and serve the public make sure humans and monkeys get along Society has rules! The park gives visitors a chance to see the nihonzaru society in the wild roaming free Here are the rules you humans need to know. 1. Don’t feed them. 2. Don’t touch or pet the monkeys 3. Don’t make fun of them. No one likes that! 4. And don’t stare into their eyes It’s said if the monkey runs between your legs it brings good luck and many visitors try It’s been a pretty cool experience working here so far after a couple of hours you start to see that a lot of the monkeys really do have Like a personality to them you could tell by looking at their faces It just, it just takes a little bit of time to get used to seeing their faces, I think But yeah, you know you work here for a day. These aren’t monkeys anymore. These are kind of like Friends, You get to know them I asked Sugimoto-san about the park, how she got started? and why this place exists? This is a really special experience for me, to see this from the other side The great thing about this monkey reserve is that they Live free up there in the mountain and come down here whenever they want As someone who had a chance to see the other side as a staff You have to have a really great love for the monkeys to do this job I think and you can see that by talking to Sugimoto-san and seeing the staff really care for the monkeys that meant a lot to me I think if you’re interested in coming to Ōita There’s a lot of stuff to do if you don’t want monkey food Grab some toriten and some Japanese sake Ready to hear about Ōita city? Right at the airport. You’re greeted with food on the luggage belt You’ve got some of the best seafood in Japan like Seki Saba and sekiaji Ōita’s famous for it and also for its chicken. They’re serious about it! toriten is a must As is their karaage Japanese deep-fried chicken the city center is easy to navigate in a stop at the retro Miyako machi is a must It really is an adventure budget airlines fly here in a little over an hour from Tokyo and the monkeys will be waiting to Ōita city is also one of the venues for the Rugby World Cup It was great to spend the day working with people that are passionate about their job otsukaresama deshita I’ll be back again to visit my friends on staff and also those living in the trees all around them and And as we say in the nehon sashi world. Thank you If you liked it hit that subscribe button and check out another one of our shows don’t miss my second live streaming channel ONLY in JAPAN * GO And check out location photos on Instagram Matane (see you later)

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  1. Wow, this is a different kind of your videos and I like it a lot. Thank you. ? The fight between the monkeys sound like a samurai war to me. XD

  2. What fun. Thank you for introducing us to the monkeys. It's good to see them getting good support rather than being killed for getting in the farmers way. Again thank you.

  3. Interesting video, very informative. Saw the snow monkey soaked in the hot spring before, but not inside the zoo area during the meal time. A good visiting spot in Oita region. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Your channel is so magical – Thanks again for dedicating your time and create great content and explore this amazing country "Japan"- Arigatou!

  5. 猿同士の抗争話はとても興味深く

  6. Wow!!!
    That was a beautiful show. Seeing the mountain where very few humans have gone was such an experience all thanks to you John.
    Thank you

  7. This is a wonderful video! We visited the snow monkeys in Nagano a few years ago, one of them walked between my legs, I didn't know that brought luck, but we did get upgraded to first class coming home which was very lucky. I held hands with a Macaque in Kuching, he reached out to hold my hand so I held out a finger and he held onto it for a minute or so, it was a magical moment.

  8. i really love he describe the monkeys. i love to visit japan a lot. just been here for 2 times,the experiences really capture my attention wherever i went.

  9. Thank you, it was an educational episode for me. For a long time I was curious about the famous Snow Monkeys of Japan and did not know about they had such a program.

    Also, this might seem a little silly to say, but I was fascinated the monkey feed calls in the first part was similar to the calls the Bigfoot hunters use in the Animal Planet show.

  10. A couple of comments / thoughts…. You are an amazing person and thanks once again for taking us to a place not often seen in America. I was watching YT Channel 'Life Where I'm From' and saw your contribution to the story about renting apartments. After hearing your perspective, it became very clear why you are successful.

    In the videos on your channels, the conversations consistently project your desire to communicate respectfully with a clear appreciation for the subject your are covering. Your engagement style projects 'trust me, I want to learn, and I appreciate you'. As a result, that generosity and graciousness is reflected back to you. It is often said ' It's not only what you say to others, but how you say it'.

    Thanks for sharing….

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  12. Thank you for the video! Great editing and footage on this one. Fun and informative. The monkey battle and history of the park were my highlights. Along with the triple angle footage lol

  13. I know this is off topic but have you ever took time off and went back to the US for awhile, just to see what has changed in the past years?

  14. I think Japanese monkeys are polite nd peaceful towards humans.
    Here in India we give a lot of food to monkeys but still they attack Humans for no reason.
    3 days ago i got attacked by a monkey but got saved as i am powerful enough to face them (not joking) .
    In India monkeys from jungles now started coming to cities we have no other options either to kill them or to throw them into other cities.

    Otherwise we worship Monkey God Hanuman here we would likely to love them but Monkeys here are opposite to their God Hanuman !

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    Your muffled voice at the start is good for horror theme video lol.
    The lady knows how to tell a story and she knows their names too wth sugoi!

  16. Minnesota Zoo, has them. Apple Valley, MN [10-16-17] Nikko (the oldest recorded in North America) passed away at age 34.

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    Oh, you're approaching me? Instead of running away you're eating my sweet potatoes?
    I can't eat your sweet potatoes without getting closer!
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  18. It's so funny whenever I am watching a video and I see Japanese greet by bowing I for some strange reason bow in front of my computer screen too, like I am greeting them too. My girlfriend sometimes watches these episodes with me and she always asks why am I bowing every time they bow. LOL

  19. 12:55 I wonder why he's so surprised to recognize the monkeys' faces, they're individuals like every animal and every human is.
    Great way to coexist they practise there. Arrigato!

  20. Thank you so much for sharing. I was kind of wondering how all that worked. I just discovered about 3 weeks ago this whole monkey business so to speak with the snow monkeys and the resort and it was so beautiful and so serene including The Good the Bad and the Ugly and we know what that entails. But you went a little deeper on how other things work. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. Definitely one of the better channels on YouTube. I’m home from work with the flu binge watching this channels videos.

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    I am hoping you can help me, but would you be able to make a video of an Asian Champions League or a JLeague match in Japan?
    I find Japanese football and their support quite fascinating, and would love to see what you capture at a match against, say, a Chinese or a Korean opponent. Or even a local derby, like Tokyo Verdy vs Tokyo FC at Ajinomoto Stadium…
    Thanks man in advance. 🙂

  23. 一番左にいるあのジジイ前に行った時態度は悪いしカッターナイフを持って歩いてた

  24. They’re precious lol. And they always look much bigger until up against profile of a human being lol. I LOVE macaques !!! So precious. Between them and cats , I could totally hug , pet , feed and love and enjoy them all ! God has made some amazing things !

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  26. 猿は別名「やまのひと」といいます。日本人にとっては人間の一種というかお仲間だったのです。

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