“You Don’t Know What The South African Anthem Means!” – Trevor Noah – (Crazy Normal)

“You Don’t Know What The South African Anthem Means!” – Trevor Noah – (Crazy Normal)

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Jacob Zuma is the coolest President ever
I love that guy the most rock and roll President for the most rock and
roll country in the world going there, we’re here don’t tell us anymore, we know
now yeah We are a country of first’s and we don’t look out our
blessings in this country we love to complain oh the corruption and the you
know, and the crime and all of this, we don’t even
look at when crime does go down we don’t celebrate.
Yeah, but it’s not enough and you know Zuma does something good,
like firing people that don’t work Ugh, but that’s not enough.
He should fire them all you know we just go and we
get crazy and we complain We don’t look at the natural
blessings God has given us like you know, we got a bloodless
revolution we went through which was amazing,
I still to this day am proud of that the fact that we don’t get any
natural disasters in this country do we?
No, no No earthquakes, no Tsunami’s,
no typhoons or hurricanes none of that, we get none of that but I bet there’s still
some idiot out there going “that’s how behind we
are, we don’t even get natural disasters like the rest of the world Africa” We’re the coolest country in the world. Only country in the world that has 11 official
languages. Only country. It’s a testament to who we are. Only country that has multiple languages in
their national anthem. Imagine that. No one else can claim that, which is amazing. Shows how diverse we are. Also means we’re the only country in the world
where 99 percent of the population doesn’t know what the anthem means, but still. Oh, you laugh, but it’s true.
We don’t. We don’t – Like no one here. 99% of the population does not know what the
anthem means. You see it when you watch people when they
sing, when they try to sing it. You see in their eyes, let me show you. And you sir, that was a guilty look. White guy here was like, “yeah.” Yeah, I’ve seen people. But it’s not easy, it’s not easy, the languages
aren’t easy, you know? Because it’s ‘Nkosi sikelel Africa’. Do you know what it means Sir? Do you know what it means? ‘God bless Africa’, yes, that’s right. And then the next part,
what does that mean? See, I love that. Young white guys, God knows he’s like, “No,
I don’t know actually.” Old guys are touchy. They’re like, “Of course I know what it means! Ahhhh God, God bless Africa.” Yeah. And you’re like, “And the next?” “Ah, God bless Africa.” “And the next part?”
“Ah, bless it some more buddy!” You sing it but you
don’t know what it means. You know it’s simple in the
beginning, ‘Nkosi sikelel Africa’. Ah, Everyone knows that bit. It gets a bit harder, you know? ‘Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo’. And It’s very difficult in
the second verse for some, ‘Morena bokoka setjhaba sa heso,
O fedise dintwa Le matshwenyeho’. Yeah, it gets quiet, just like that. People don’t know what’s going on. And yet you sing. I’ve seen white people sing the anthem, it’s
always fun to watch. You don’t sing it,
you just like mumble through it. Hoping no one will notice. You start off very confident though. Come out there,
*Anthem starts playing* “Nkosi sikelel Africa!” *Mumbling anthem* …Nkosiiiiii sikelelaaaa thinaaaa *back to mumbling anthem* …SETJHABA SA! Yeah have you noticed how the
volume always goes up there? Always! It was like someone standing behind the country
with a huge volume knob. Always. Especially at rugby
games, I’ve noticed this. The volume always
goes up at that point. Because before that, all these
Afrikaans guys aren’t singing along. They act like they’ve dropped their bakkie
keys. Those crafty Dutchman. I’ve watched them. Some will start, everyone will be there. *Anthem starts* “Nkosi sk- Ohh… (mumbling) SETJHABA SA! Yeto. Come on Frikkie! Sheshaba Sa.
Cornelius we are singing now! “South Africa” “SOUTH AFRICAAA!” And they lose their minds! Ringing out from our blue heavens from our deep seas breaking round How does it look Steve! “everlasting mountains…” lose their minds the whole beginning bit,
nobody knew what they where singing I don’t understand and some people, some people have learned it phonetically which I commend you on but you still don’t understand
what the song is about like the rugby team,
they where forced to learn it and they have learned it, but
they still don’t know what it means you’ll see them when they
sing, because they forced them the South African Rugby Union,
they came out and they said “It is a disgrace to see a National team that does not even know how to sing their National Anthem. if you want to play Rugby for your country you must learn the words they said, “No, but we don’t
speak, we don’t speak” “Hey!
You want to play Rugby?” “Yes”
“Then learn the words” “Okay!” and they learned them, and they
show you they have learned them because when the camera comes over
them, if you look ant Bafana Bafana they are the most chilled out guys in
the world when they sing the anthem they do a million things at once shirts over there,
they are all chilled out they are there, the camera comes *Singing the Anthem chilled out* *Singing the Anthem chilled out* *Singing the Anthem chilled out* these guys are chilled the Rugby guys show you
that they have learned it the camera will come on Bakkies
and Victor and they will be there *Singing Anthem* *Singing the Anthem* they are not holding each other,
they are holding each other back *sing the Anthem angrily* but they still don’t know what the song means which is very dangerous in
my opinion, it really is because you are sing a song it’s not just a song, it’s an Anthem it’s a pledge, it’s a promise.
You put your hand on your hart. and you are promising something but
you don’t know what that promise is it’s very dangerous for all you know the whole
song could be about killing you you laugh, but you’ve seen how happy
black people get when they sing it how do you know while
you are mumbling that what we are actually singing isn’t “When Mandela dies we are
going to kill them all” “we are going to kill,
we are going to kill you” Yeah, you laugh but if you listen carefully there’s
a part in the song where they go “Yes, you!” “and then we’ll own South Africa” but you don’t know.

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  2. Wow. I just saw your movie "You laugh, but it's true". There is so much thought and emotion there that I don't have enough room to write. You surpassed all those asshole comedians(AND YOU KNOW WHICH ONES I MEAN)who were talking shit about you and mad at your success. Really happy for you and all your success.
    P.s. Your Mom is so beautiful and a strong woman.

  3. Jacob ZUMA….❤️👀 when he says that man’s name, knowing what follows…sheer hilarity!😆😆😆😆🤣

  4. he should also explain party song written by mandelas wife and talk about that necklages which is car tires placed on peoples neck to burn them alive as lyrics    lmao  and for some reason he hates trump    lmao   he can not discern historically which sons of the bitches created chaos in Africa what if africon what Obama provided to military industrial complex   lmao nice gy I am so surprised he used such material

  5. Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika
    ᴹᵃˡᵘᵖʰᵃᵏᵃⁿʸⁱˢʷ' ᵘᵖʰᵒⁿᵈᵒ ˡʷᵃʸᵒ,
    ʸⁱᶻʷᵃ ⁱᵐⁱᵗʰᵃⁿᵈᵃᶻᵒ,
    ᴺᵏᵒˢⁱ ˢⁱᵏᵉˡᵉˡᵃ,
    ˡᵘˢᵃᵖʰᵒ ˡʷᵃʸᵒ.
    ᴹᵒʳᵉⁿᵃ ᵇᵒˡᵒᵏᵃ ˢᵉᵗʲʰᵃᵇᵃ ˢᵃ ʰᵉˢᵒ,
    ᴼ ᶠᵉᵈⁱˢᵉ ᵈⁱⁿᵗʷᵃ ˡᵃ ᵐᵃᵗˢʰʷᵉⁿʸᵉʰ
    ᴼ ˢᵉ ᵇᵒˡᵒᵏᵉ (ᴺᵗᵃᵗᵉ)
    ᴼ ˢᵉ ᵇᵒˡᵒᵏᵉ
    ˢᵉᵗʲʰᵃᵇᵃ ˢᵃ
    Setjhaba sa
    South Afrika
    Sounds to call to come together,
    And united we shall stand,
    Let us live and strive for freedom,
    In South Africa our land…

    Anthem hierarchy, South Africa.

  6. FYI, India has 22 official languages. Though they are called scheduled languages, they are official to individual states.

  7. What about Severe Drought which our farmers are facing right now in SA.in Northern Cape. Its 6yrs already. This is a National Disaster Trevor

  8. Trevor your luck those boys of sprin-brook won the 2019 world cup after enjoying them like that at least they have redeemed them self now we dont care if they know the South Africa Anthem they are winners for the next 4 years

  9. No earthquake, No tsunami , No Hurricane, No terrorist
    But only one thing that destroy this beautiful nation is RACISM.

  10. How many of you went to check the SA rugby team sing the national anthem last world cup?
    And it's true, they all sing it !

    Congratulations for the World Cup 🏆

  11. Hold me back bro!. Nah bro, you gotta hold me back! Well shit, get Jim to hold us back! Nah man, he's in cuffs, his third pair I think. Well F*** us, or them? I guess.

  12. Why do we need to Know??? South Africa is going back to the Dark Ages, its a Dark Continent. Not on my Priority List.

  13. Trevor Noah is A STOOGE FOR THE OLIGARCHS. Trevor Noah is An agent of THE WAR RACKETEERS. Trevor Noah is A VILE and repugnant human being

  14. Did you see the Slum lord https://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/gauteng/trevor-noahs-slumlord-mom-2040078 Taking advantage of the weak

  15. Google for fb of:"Stop White Genocide in South Africa".See the TRUTH…behind the iron curtains…in 'new' black rules S.A.😈😈😈😈

  16. What I love the most about Trevor Noah is that he has the ability to capture the human heart, pinpoint the hilarity of the human condition, hold us accountable and endear each of us to the other.

  17. I love Trevor Noah's clean and insightful comedy… but this was disappointing
    Cuz we still don't know what the anthem means!!!!! LOL!!! I was hoping he would explain it at the end.

  18. A couple of things have changed since you made this video. 1) There are now 12 official languages in S.A. 2) BOKKE WON!! 3) And more people looked up the anthem translation and now know what it means. *Love for S.A 💕🏵🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  19. We won: Spain's anthem has no lyrics. So you can hum it in any language you want (4 co-official and several ones recognised in a local level)

  20. Remember once you're making fun of India and we have got over 22 languages in India. And we all know what our National Anthem means. Joke's on you Trevor

  21. I am not from SA but yet I found this funny. Moreover I learned somethings. Did not know about the 11 official langages and about your anthem…I will hear it differently next time I listen it..

  22. Trevor…Blk Americans are watching you because we know for a fact that ur true agenda is to be a supporter Colonists and a basher of blk Americans….We keep an eye on you because ur made of the same stock as Obama and he Used blks vote and gave them nothing but supported gays and immigrants

  23. Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika

    Maluphakanyis' uphondo lwayo

    Yiva imithandazo yethu

    Nkosi sikelela, Thina lusapho lwayo

    Yehla Moya, Yehla Moya,

    Yehla Moya Oyingcwele

    Lord, bless Africa

    May her Spirit be lifted high

    Hear Thou our prayers

    And bless us.

    Descend, O Spirit

    Descend, O Holy Spirit

    Source: Wikepedia

  24. He actually got on stage and spoke about their national anthem and no one is offended and he is still alive!
    Me an Indian : 😲

  25. Funny thing is the South African anthem is my favorite till date. Didn’t know the meaning but loved the song. Bdw Trevor is hilarious 😂

  26. Honestly, why did whites allow non-whites into South Africa? As Noah describes it's a beautiful country. But add mud and then it's not.

  27. Dear Trevor Noah we were also a country ruled by the netherlands. Jullie spreken het afrikaans en wij nederlands. So we also have no diseasters en a lot of official talen. #Suriname. Black people are also called kafri. In your country kafer.

  28. Thanks to Trevor I know the name of his President whereas I don't even know anything about my country's president😂😂😂

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