Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : Beginning Soccer Fundamentals

Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : Beginning Soccer Fundamentals

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My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach of LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. Today we’re going to be talking about beginning soccer. Some
of the keys to beginning soccer in knowing how to dribble, knowing how to pass, knowing
how to trap and control the ball and one of the things that we really want to talk about
and we’re going to stress today is using both your right foot and your left foot as you
play soccer. We’re going to be talking about the positions, where you line up on the field,
the different parts of the field and all of those things. We’re going to be talking about
throw ins today. Everything to make you a better player, a better soccer player today.
The first thing we’re going to talk about with the beginning soccer is doing ball touches.
The key to ball touches is being light on your feet, you want to be on what’s called
the balls of your feet, more on your toes and you just lightly touch the top of the
ball. Let’s watch. Notice they’re just touching the top of the ball with the tip of their
cleats. Nice and easy, go ahead and go around the ball guys. Moving around the ball you
see the ball isn’t even moving in front of them, it’s staying right in the same spot.
Being really light on their feet in very good control.

12 thoughts on “Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : Beginning Soccer Fundamentals”

  1. this guy probaly puts off all the americans into football this was on the last video i seen is this all expert village knows ? my 8 year old sister could do this 2 years ago

  2. This is a great video. If you guys want to become a better soccer player you cant expect to improve simply by showing up to one practice a week. If you guys really want to become a better soccer player you should check ou the videos on my channel. Good luck, keep training.

  3. Although it has nothing to do with soccer… first thing that popped out in my mind was that… "Shia Labeouf is going to look like him when he reaches mid age"

  4. Nice video 🙂

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    Thanks, Kate

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