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What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity. Since you guys loved triangle
table tennis so much We are back with a new table set up One game to 11 points of Z-Pong Let’s go! I get to start. You still have no chance. 0-0 I have too much power No! Run! This is so tough! I’m very sorry Otto. No! How can I miss that? Roller! Coming! Nooo! Close. Cheeky Coming! I’ve got a good serve coming up Okay It’s coming up! It was a good serve! The ball just disappeared and suddenly
it’s over there! Sorry! I’m not sorry! You fought well But in the end it was obvious Thanks. Let us know in the comments if you have any cool table
set up ideas And don’t forget to hit subscribe! Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Z-Pong”

  1. To make it fairer for both ends, it should be I formatted. I can't type that font of I which is like T along with its mirror image at bottom m

  2. When I was in high school (60+ years ago) my buddies and I used to play ping-pong. Usually we did it in the garage of a guy, an "army brat," who was good enough to once have beat the junior champion of France. He decided to panel the walls and ceiling of his garage, close enough to the table so that we could bounce shots off them. The most fun was to play doubles, with the net player having an arm shield that an opponent on the other side would have a hard time getting a ball past–unless he used a wall or the ceiling. This was our (fun!) version of a wild youth.

  3. something tells me that this game was way much longer, but they made it look like it was just one game.
    Because it was full with incredible plays.

  4. I think the tables should be in the shape of a C because Otto is left handed and Miikka is right handed. Otto was able to comfortably hit the ball to the table that stuck out.

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